Arts Academy


Ages 7-13

Right Away Child classes start developing skills that last a lifetime.

  • teachers and parents both often see an immediate change with their child.

  • Self confidence

  • Discipline

  • The importance of respect and courtesy

  • Better listening skills

  • Better grades

  • Better focus and concentration

  • Persistence in achieving goals

  • Self-defense.

  • As well as maintaining physical fitness and healthy habits.



Tae  Kwon Do is 60% kicking and 40% blocking and punching. Master Kim’s belief is to teach confidence, discipline and respect. And by the encouragement from our staffs these philosophies will stay with you forever. Some of the other benefits you will receive from this program art to become more flexible, toned and increase you stamina.

Sparring Class

Kick your martial arts training up a notch, with Master Jung Hoon's Speciality in Olympic style sparring. Sparring offers and extra edge to Tae Kwon Do training by increasing speed, agility, and reflexes, while maintaining the core ideals of discipline, respect, and confidence. Sparring is and extra step towards self defense and being a well rounded martial artist.