Arts Academy

Tiny tigers 

Ages 4-6

Our Tiny Tiger program offers it's youngest students a strong foundation in character-building qualities such as courtesy, respect and discipline. Through the challenging physical aspects of the program, your child will be able to improve his/her motor skills in a safe and fun atmosphere, while developing a proper martial arts attitude. 

This program will develop a positive mental attitude through the students building a strong foundation in the basic skills of the martial arts blocks, punches, kicks, stances and age appropriate exercises.   

What is Tae Kwon Do ?


Tae  Kwon Do is 60% kicking and 40% blocking and punching. Master Kim’s belief is to teach confidence, discipline and respect. And by the encouragement from our staffs these philosophies will stay with you forever. Some of the other benefits you will receive from this program art to become more flexible, toned and increase you stamina.